Andrew Hussey: Cockpit

"Words are the shadows of thought. By ordering them within the full depth of their connotative charge, you obtain a mirror of thought. This sleight-of-hand (similar to the tricks that representational painters use to create an appearance of detail) creates a sequence of virtual thoughts. In poetry, the ability of the poem to evoke meanings seemingly beyond the linguistic capability of its component words represents a transcendence of intention, the driving of consciousness through the conceptual perimeter of language. Poems are the recombinant interplay of the shadows of ideas."
--- From "The Secular Grail" by Christopher Dewdney

A Certain World of Power
Acid's Dance
Inner Silence
Midsummer Day
Over the Breadth of a Hair
Puppet Show
Supernova or "To My Beloved"
The Second Ring
The Bi-Leveled Deceit
The Bland Marching of Excitement
The Broken Soul Dance
The Ixtlan Song
Innocence Torn
Reptile's Enigma (new!)
Leprosy's Lament (new!)
Heart's Whisper (new!)
It's Written on the Wall (new!)

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