These are various pictures of people that I know.
All of these pictures were taken by me unless otherwise noted.
My camera is a Minolta Vectis 20 APS. The film is use is 200 speed.

    14.jpg - My mother took this picture of me at Pea Soup Andersen's on September third, 1997.
    amypin.jpg - A picture of Amy with her dear friend Pin, about two years ago. Dunno who took it.
    amy.jpg - I took this picture of Amy at Three Crowns Park in Kingsburg, California, in February of 1998.
    amyseenthelight.jpg - Amy took this picture of herself a year or two ago. She calls it, "Amy has seen the light!"
    andreanatalie.jpg - A picture of my lovely friends Andrea and Natalie, taken November of 97 by Ginger in Prescott.
    austin.jpg - I took this picture of Austin, Lauren's son, the 26th of July 1997. Lauren is my aunt.
    babypiq.jpg - A picture of Nathan as a baby :-) The absolutely cutest picture you will find anywhere on this site. Of course not taken by me.
    beckyamyschool.jpg - Becky and Amy at school, a year or two ago. Amy would be the one who looks Amyish. Becky wears neat glasses.
    bingo.jpg - My dog from a dog's eye view.
    britravis.jpg - Brianna Swain and Travis, at a party, both quite drunk. I don't know who took this, Bri had given me this picture to scan for her web page. Damn, I miss her.
    daddygranny.jpg - My father and my Granny at Lauren Keith's wedding. Lauren is my aunt, 'member? Keith is my blood uncle.
    daddy.jpg - This be daddy. I took this picture on Iron Springs road one sunny afternoon. He looks rather holy in this picture. My opinion.
    denise.jpg - Denise at Taco Bell, our temple. Holding dearly the Gumball Machine of Allmighty Chewyness.
    emilyamypark.jpg - Emily and Amy at Three Crowns Park. Taken by Secret Agent Chenneth (aka Kenneth) from a lovely angle. Amy poked holes in the picture and tore out some sky and gave me the sky so many months ago. She mailed me the picture in mid September. I wind up with all of it except I had thrown the sky away.
    emilybeacon.jpg - This be the Emily at Beacon, wearing some radical glasses. Taken by Amy I think.
    emilydriver.jpg - Emily, driving her sensible sedan. Taken by Amy who miraculously sat in the front seat for once. A piece of Marty is visible.
    feet.jpg - My feet in the guest bedroom of Erlinda Ortuoste. In Cotabato City, the Philippines, land of $0.75 pedicures and wonderful service.
    heath.jpg - My ex-boyfriend, Heath. What a darlin. Taken by a friend of his.
    katrina1.jpg - Me standing in front of my ex-bedroom in K-town in January of 98. Taken by my father with a Polaroid camera.
    katrina2.jpg - Me sitting in said bedroom trying to look natural but ending up looking psychosomatically altered. Taken by AmyDix.
    katrinaandmommy.jpg - My mother and I in Fashion Cafe of Makati, Philippines. Taken by a cute waiter who kept asking me questions ;-)
    kelly.jpg - Kelly. Isn't she a darling? Picture taken immediately after amy.jpg. 3 Crowns park, of course.
    kellyandme.jpg - Kelly and I sitting on the floor of her lovely rainbow bedroom, taken by 3mily Michel of my temporary dyslexia's fame.
    kellyface.jpg - Kelly's face. Isn't it just CUTE? Even when she's just gotten out of the shower and looks quite disheveled otherwise?
    kellystanding.jpg - Kelly who is standing. I tried to get her awesome ceiling in the picture but failed. The Vectis 20 isn't really an indoor wide-angle camera :(
    lauragranny.jpg - Lauren and my Granny (great-great grandmother). At the wedding December 97.
    lhordgen.jpg - Lhordgen, known to my family as Love Love :-) Just so beautiful.. my cousin, I took this picture in January while I visited the Philippines.
    martyamyemily.jpg - Marty. Amy. Emily. Taken by Lacie. In Emily's bedroom.h
    martygault.jpg - Mr. Mary Gault. In the back seat after a video rental's completion. Note the loveliness of what you can see outside the window. Taken sometime during the spring after the first week of April, 1998. Taken by Amy.
    meamy.jpg - Me. Amy. Taken by Amy cause my arm wasn't long enough for the camera's Autofocus.
    megranny.jpg - My Granny and I, July 26th. Taken by Lauren.
    megranny2.jpg - Me and Granny. July the 26th, several seconds later. I think taken by either Lauren or my aunt Ivye
    meexcel.jpg - Me at Excel (my alternative place of education). Taken by Ms. Lorena Shiffer. Sometime in mid June.
    mefrontyard.jpg - Me in my front yard, taken by my father. Right before the Prom on June 20th. I didn't wear the shirt to the prom. And my eyes weren't normally murdered by direct sunlight so I look kinda bitchy in this picture. You can tell that for yourself though.
    mekeiths.jpg - Me in Keith's garden. I was out of balance and ended up sticking my belly out. Taken by Ivye or Lauren.
    meparkinglot.jpg - Me in the Frontier Village Shopping Center parking lot, sometime in May or June. Taken by my dad.
    mepismo.jpg - Me at Pismo beach. My favorite picture of me. Taken by Amy in mid August 1998.
    mewedding.jpg - Me at Lauren and Keith's wedding. Taken by umm.. prolly my mother :-)
    meinrainbow.jpg - Me in Kelly's Rainbow Room. I look revolting but at least I'm in her room. Taken by Kelly, April 9th I think.
    mom.jpg - My mother, so beautiful.. sitting on her bed when we were moving her in, in late March 1997.
    momdadgranny.jpg - Mom, Dad, and Granny. At the famous wedding.
    momsapt.jpg - Me in front of my mom's apartment. Taken by mommy. I was in not the best of moods, hence my unattractive bow. Late March 98, prolly.
    myamy.jpg - My Amy. First picture ever taken of m'darlin Pastor Amy. Taken the same time that she took the picture of me looking psychosomatically altered. You recall.
    porch.jpg - Three kids to whom I am related. This is in Ozamiz City, Zamboanga Del Sur. Absolutely wonderful picture. Taken January or February 1998.
    terrysandra.jpg - Terry and Sandra! A phenomenal couple.. so Portuguese, so beautiful, so timeless.. September of 1997.