busstop.jpg - A bus stop near Ozamiz City, Zamboanga Del Sur, the Philippines. Taken in early February or late January, 1998.
    azview1.jpg - Nice view of some Arizona, near the rock pile noted far below.
    beach.jpg - A black sand beach near Ozamiz City. Early 1998.
    aerialcebu.jpg - Aerial photograph of Cebu City, Cebu, the Philippines, in early 1998.
    cebu.jpg - Cebu, from an aunt's squat on a high hill.
    cow.jpg - A cow across the street from a department store in Ozamiz City. Beautiful.
    downtownktown.jpg - Downtown K-town: see the signs of heavenly splendor that mark the advent of Jack-in-the-Box, Burger King, McDonalds, and Taco Bell. And K-Mart. This be early April 1998 I believe.
    hardrock.jpg - The Hard Rock Cafe in Makati, Metro Manila. Early 1998.
    house.jpg - A house in Skull Valley, Arizona. Just beautiful.
    mommyscemetery.jpg - The cemetery across from my mother's apartment.
    montebel.jpg - The Montebello's garden. The Montebello is a prestigious hotel in Cebu City.
    panoram2.jpg - Panoramic view of Cebu City. Taken from my eleventh floor suite at the Cebu Plaza Hotel. (Goddamn that place RULES!)
    pool.jpg - Montebello's pool.
    river.jpg - The lovely river, with townhouses lined up against it: Metro Manila, the Philippines.
    road.jpg - The road of life (Kingsburg, California). As are all roads. This isn't THE road of life though. I'll scan that sooner or later.
    roadkirkland.jpg - A road near Kirkland, Arizona.
    rocks.jpg - A lovely pile of granite on Iron Springs road from Prescott to Skull Valley.
    seoulairport.jpg - Seoul Airport says it all - this picture is notable for the geometry in it.
    seoulhotel.jpg - A picture taken from the hotel I spent the night in, in Seoul. The street below.
    seoulhotel1.jpg - Taken in a different direction, aiming toward the mountains.
    snowyseoul.jpg - A lousy picture I took from an overpassing pedestrian bridge, but it was too cold and stuff. I was walking with Steve talking about how cold we were and how strange it was that neither of us were slipping and falling on our azzes.
    train.jpg - Cover: Train. Taken in between Congress and Bagdhad, Arizona. O dear I just love that morningtime light. I got my sandals covered in stanky mud to climb high enough to get this picture. It was hella worth it.
    valley.jpg - A view of the onward valley that Highway 89 travels through from Yarnell to Prescott.
    windmills.jpg - Windmills on the Tehachapi pass, at the bottom of the San Joaquin Valley, California. Taken in April.