bed.jpg - My old bed that was in my closet. Approximately mid-April, 1998.
    bedview.jpg - View from thus bed.
    chicks.jpg - Some chicks in the Philippines.
    chiqqens.jpg - Chickens in a passing truck on the way to Sacramento.
    crab.jpg - A crab the my mother devoured after it was cooked.
    crowpain.jpg - First photograph ever taken with my Minolta Vectis 20. A painting I created December 1997 for my friend Justin to whom I was unable to send it.
    daquiri.jpg - A gorgeous daquiri. Taken in the Hotel Dusit, Makati, Metro Manila. That hotel is even more heavenly than the Cebu Plaza!
    doggie.jpg - A doggie that just stared at me one day as I was walking home from school. You can see school in the background. Taken prolly in March 1998. Kingsburg.
    doughnut.jpg - A doughnut of perfection. From a buffet of perfection. Cebu Plaza Hotel. Late January/Early February, 1998.
    emilystereo.jpg - Emily's stereo of God. She got him for her birthday.
    fire.jpg - Gorgeous thingie. Taken in the hotel I stayed at in Ozamiz City.
    florin.jpg - Road sign for a Florin Road exit, in Sacramento, on a beautifully rainy day.
    gate15.jpg - Gate 15, Manila International Airport.
    godhenry.jpg - God Henry, the computer on which this page is being made. Nyah.
    hotboqs.jpg - My ex-hotbox, from my ex-house in Kingsburg.
    mcdonalds.jpg - A McDonalds' menu in the Glorietta Mall, Makati. Note the rice, spaghetti, and fried chicken. It ruled.
    moose.jpg - This be a moose in Oasis continuation school, Kingsburg, California. Stuffed and cute and made of warm.
    motor.jpg - Motor-transport bearing the nazi emblem, which I found uncanny. The driver was delighted that I wanted to photograph his vehicle.
    my1stvodka.jpg - My first vodka. Approximately the 7th of February, at the Kashmir Restaurant, in Makati.
    puter.jpg - My old box.
    rice.jpg - Rice that cost the equivalent of 35 cents. And it was DAMN good.
    shells.jpg - Shells I rescued from some rather destructive children to make a mountain out of a molehill.
    wing.jpg - Wing on airplane that brought me from Manila International Airport to Seoul, Korea, via United Airlines (somewhat evil but not even close to the evil that is Delta).