make money.

    These are programs that I use or have used to make a little extra money. Most of them require the use of software that displays a banner on your screen while you use your computer or surf the web. The revenue that they get from showing those banners is used to pay you when you qualify to recieve the minimum payment. When you begin, you're basically earning little more than pocket change unless you use your computer frequently. If you have many friends, espescially if they are new to the internet, you can offer your friends to join and name you as a referral. When you do that, not only do they make money, you get paid a small percentage as referral earnings.

  • GetPaid4: Get paid approximately 50 cents an hour for the time you spend connected to the internet, for up to 100 hours a month. Several levels of referrals. This is the only program that doesn't require that you have to surf the web to earn money. I reccommend this the most.
  • AllAdvantage: Definitely the most popular pay-to-surf program on the internet. Pays 50 cents an hour up to 25 hours a month. Two levels of referrals. I use this one to the maximum every month.
  • Spedia: In addition for paying you to run an adbar on your screen, you can earn points for signing up with affiliates or playing their games. Several levels of referrals.
  • >BePaid<: Currently in beta testing. When BePaid officially launches, members will be able to make at least $20/hr and up to $160 and even more with referrals. Their service is different: you can view popup ads & sign up with services advertised by BePaid, at your discretion.
  • Surfing2Cash: Their unique quality is that there are different memberships you can sign up for. Customized levels of referrals for different users. Pays slightly more than average last time I checked.
  • ePIPO: I've been waiting for them to accept more beta testers, so you might wanna just sign up and wait til they email you and tell you that you can participate. Till then, all you can do is make referrals.
  • Desktop Horizon: I am also waiting for this account to be activated.
  • Ignifuge: Different from other programs, all this requires is that you use them for a start page. It's the only way you can make money with them. They also pay for referrals.

  • 2000 Katrina K. Johnson